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 ID: 4075 Price: RM 31 Color: Photo Color Fabric: Cotton + Denim Size: Bust :50-82CM clothing long: 70CM

ID: 5076 Price: RM 28 color: black, gray, blue cloth: Size: Bust: 88cm Waist: 63cma

 ID: 0090 lace sexy Bra T-shirt Price: RM29 Color: White Size: Length: 37cm Bust :70-84 cm
 ID: 0330 Leopard chest wrapped gold buckle sexy dress Price: RM31 Color: leopard, white clothes length 74cm, Bust 62 ~ 84cm

ID: 0803 Dress Price: RM 28 Color: Black Fabric: Cotton Size: Bust 88CM within

 ID: 1007 Bat T-shirt Price: RM28 Color: White Black Grey Size: Bust: 100 more than under the bottom edge of the circumference: 80 Length: 53

ID: 1015 Check lotus leaf side collar T-shirt Price: in RM29 Material: Cotton + Chiffon Shoulder: 39cm Sleeve Length: 13cm Bust :80-96cm Length: 57cm color: black, white

ID: 1021 Price: RM 25 color: green, blue, red fabric: Chiffon Size: Length 65CM

 ID: 1022 Rainbow T-shirt Price: RM 28 color: rosy purple-blue and purple dye fabric: Cotton Size: the shoulder with long sleeves 22cm chest 102cm Length 70cm

 ID: 1094 Price: RM 30 color: beige, black fabric: Chiffon Size: Free Bust: 88CM Length: 77CM

 ID: short-sleeved T blood 1242 price: RM 27 Color: crimson red pink yellow blue


ID: 2009 texture waist dress Price: RM29 Color: black, white shoulder width of 55 axillary Wai 19 Bust 110 Waist 34-38 hem 52 full-length 82

ID: 2012 NCVY short-sleeved T-shirt Price: RM 27 Color: red, blue, blue

  ID: 2020 Dress Price: RM 30 Color: Rose pink fabric: cotton thread Size: Sleeve Length 28CM Bust 100CM Length 80CM hem circumference 86CM    


 ID: 2042 color: white, red, gray price: RM29 Size: Bust 90CM Shoulder 8.5CM Sleeve 29CM clothing length 65.5CM

ID: 2063 Dress Price: RM 32 Color: White Black Fabric: Cotton + Chiffon Size: Neck Width :37-65CM Bust :84-112CM Sleeve: 10CM Length: 66CM Waist 80-108CM Hips: 78 -96CM Note: contains the belt

ID: 3090 price: the RM 28 color: white, gold red, red, light gray, blue-black Size: Shoulder: 39cm Bust: 88cm Sleeve: 55cm long clothing: 55cm

ID: 6000 Price: RM 28 color: red, purple, blue Size: Shoulder 37cm; Bust 84cm; Length 55cm

ID: 6006 Price: RM 27 color: white, black clothing: 58cm Bust 90-100cm

 ID: 7022 the RM 29 Color: (only black and white) Size: Shoulder 35cm; Bust of about 40cm; Sleeve / cuffs 12cm/13cm; clothing is about 54cm

ID: 7027 Price: RM 28 color: blue black cloth: Size: Shoulder 38cm Bust 45cm Sleeve / cuffs 19cm/16cm clothing is about 86cm

ID: 8050 piece Price: RM 28 Color: White Black Size: Vest Bust: 72CM (can be stretched to 100CM) coat Bust: 106CM (can be stretched to 140CM) No shoulder line underwear: 70CM coat length: 66CM

 ID: leave two of the 8069 strap Price: RM 32 Color: Purple Red  Black Size: Bust: 85 ~ 100CM at present; Shoulder Width: 37CM; Sleeve Length: 57CM; Length: 74CM


 ID: 9094 Floral Dress Price: RM 24 color: pink, blue, yellow and purple fabric: Chiffon Size: Bust 90CM long 68M



  ID: 9095 promotional limited edition harness dress Price: RM24 Color: red black fabric: Chiffon Size: Bust 90CM long 72M

  ID: 9096 harness dress Price: RM 24 color: red yellow blue brown fabric: Chiffon Size: Bust 90CM long 68M

 ID: 9097 harness dress Price: RM 24 Color: Purple Fabric: Chiffon Size: Bust 90CM long 68M

 ID: 60 016 ladies bow Tee Slim T-shirt Price: RM23 Color: White, Black, Rose Size: Bust :64-76 (pull) Length: 45 Fabric: Lycra Cotton

  ID: 60221 butterfly exposed shoulder strap length shall vest dress Price: RM28 Color: red  Bust :72-100cm clothing long: 73cm

ID: 60226 long section of the leopard vest Price: RM25 Color: gray Length 70cm, Bust 68-80cm

ID: y60657 lace vest Price: RM 22 color: black, blue, pink Shoulder: 22cm Bust :68-82cm Length 52cm

  ID: 60816 bow long version T-shirt color: black, dark blue, soy flour, peach Price: RM28 Shoulder 36cm Bust 82cm Length 68cm

 ID: T236 circle dress price: RM 30 color: black, light gray Size: Length 78 Bust 138

 ID: Y013 noble sexy low V corset vest, skirt price: RM30 for color: black, white Size: Bust 40CM Waist 31CM length 65CM

 ID: Y07 Dress Price: RM 31 color: as shown in Figure 60 657

ID: Y18-piece pants Price: RM 32-color: Figure Size: Bust: 80CM Waist: 66CM Hip 96CM full-length 72CM

ID: Y2003K, smiley smile T-shirt (black) color: black, white Bust: 78cm long clothing: 65cm Price: RM 28

ID: Y2005K ROCK T-shirt Price: RM 25 color: white, red, black

ID: Y298-piece pants Price: RM 39 Color: Red Size: Total Length 73 Shoulder 36 40 Bust 80 ~ 102 Sleeve Pant Length 15 Waist 70 ~ 92cm is very eye-catching dynamic piece pants, hooded two big ballsvery cute (not included within the T-shirt)

ID: Y356-bat sleeve T-shirt price: RM 30 Color: Figure Size: Chest 104 Length 70 hem circumference 37cm

ID: Y014 hooded short sleeve fashion T-shirt price: RM 28 color: black, gray Red Size: Bust 92CM Length 60CM Waist 84CM (elastic tension)

ID: y1008 bow stripe round neck short sleeve T-shirt price: RM 28 color: black, pink, gray Size Shoulder Width :30-40cm Sleeve Length: 28cm Bust :80-110cm Waist :68-100cm clothing long: 58cm

 ID: y951 bow the giraffe chiffon T-shirt price: the RM 29 color: white, gray shoulder width: 50cm, Sleeve Length: 13cm long clothing: 67cm Bust: 114cm Waist: 102cm

ID: Y3001K Length 60cm Bust 85-90cm (Stretchable) Shoulder 36cm Price: RM 30 color: black, white

 ID: Y3002I color: purple white pink Fabric: Chiffon Bust 88CM underwear long 68CM Waist 72CM Price: RM 32

ID: YC12 strapless shoulder flower chiffon shirt price: RM 27 Color: Figure Size Bust: 90 Length: 60 black strap 6cm

ID: YQ18 mixed colors Slim skirt price: the RM 29 Color: Figure Size Bust: 84cm Length 82cm waist 78cm

ID: y2007 bat Cherry T-shirt Price: RM25 Color: blue, orange, yellow, black Length 64CM Bust 87CM

ID: y3003 Price: RM 29 color: light gray, black long: long clothing; 65cm Bust: 84cm

ID: y60549 Price: RM28 Color: white, black Size: Shoulder Length 70cm Bust 100-118cm, Hem 96cm sleeve length 25cm

ID: y60867 wave pattern, dress Price: RM32 Color: Khaki, Black Size: Length: 78cm Bust: 88cm

ID: y608750 unique long shall vest Price: RM26 Color: Figure Size: Bust :80-100 clothing: 70cm

ID: y60925 Price: RM22 Color: white, black pink, rose red long: Length; 58cm Shoulder: 38cm Bust: 86cm

ID: y9173 big smile bat shirt short-sleeved T Price: RM26 Color: Figure size: clothes long 65 Bust 73 Sleeve 30

 ID: y9999 striped bat sleeves divalent T-shirt price: in RM29 Color: pink, blue, black Size: Shoulder: 49cm Bust :90-100cm clothing length: 60cm


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